‘Atlanta’: Van Took The Piss Out Of Herself In These Crazy Moments From “Value”

ATLANTA -- "Value" -- Episode 106 (Airs Tuesday, October 4, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: (l-r) Aubin Wise as Jayde, Zazie Beetz as Van. CR: Guy D'Alema/FX

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FINALLY! Atlanta has delivered its first Van-centric episode. For all the great perspective the show has given to Earn, Alfred/Paper Boi, and Darius, the breadwinning Van(essa) [Zazie Beetz] has been sitting in the wings since Earn took her to The Indigo Club two weeks ago in “Go For Broke;” and after cleaning up after Earn’s messes and calling out his selfish bullshit, she deserves herself some dinner all over again.

What starts as a night out with an old friend eventually turns into a weed smoking session that could cost Van her job, but not if she’s got the right tools. This is the first episode of the series to be both directed *and* written by Donald Glover himself.  Light up and check out the craziest moments from Atlanta episode 6: “Value”    

“Black women have to be valuable”

Van and her high school friend Jayde meet up at a Thai restaurant to catch up on life and travels, but Jayde’s “cultured” perspective outpaces a clearly frustrated Van. There’s only so many times you can hear about all expenses paid trips to London and how Americans aren’t cultured enough to know that Thai people don’t use chopsticks before you start to feel like your voice doesn’t matter. “Women have to be valuable; black women need to be valuable,” Jayde lectures before Van asserts that she’s just as much in control of their relationship as Earn is. You’d think the silence before their entrees come couldn’t possibly be more awkward, but then the NBA player shows up.    

“How do you pass a drug test?”

After their encounter in the restaurant, Jayde finds a frustrated Van in the parking lot and coaxes her into a quick hot box session. However, that smoking couldn’t have come at a worse time because Van’s got a drug test in two hours! What is life? Jayde’s off to New York, but Alfred suggests the old pee-in-a-plastic-bag trick. What follows is what can only be called “Breaking Bad” for baby urine.

“The system isn’t made for these kids to succeed and you gotta shake it off somehow”

After her attempts to squeeze a pass out of baby diapers (literally) blows up in her face, Van up and tells her superiors that she smoked the night before. “The system isn’t made for these kids to succeed and you gotta shake it off somehow,” her boss says before firing Van on the spot. And the worst part? Van would’ve been alright if she didn’t say anything because the pee samples are a big sham. Ugh. An eighth might come in handy during that in-school suspension term she still has to sit in on.


– Lotti seems to be growing really fast. Does this show take place over months or…

– A boy ta Van’s (former) job showed up to school in whiteface and a menacing grin. What the hell is his deal?

This week, songs from The Ebonys, Jeremih, and Funkadelic found their way into the Atlanta soundtrack, which means you can check our playlist on Spotify and Apple Music for all the latest jams.

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