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SZA is More Than TDE’s “Hook Girl” and It’s Time Her Label Stopped Treating Her Like It


Yesterday, TDE songbird SZA took to Twitter to vent frustrations about her forthcoming album, A.


While fans rallied in the Twitter streets to support SZA and encourage Punch to release her long awaited album, the TDE bossman only had this to say:

It’s been two years since the New Jersey songbird has dropped her last project, Z. In fact, she’s been consistently dropping projects since 2012’s See.SZA.Run. Though she’s dropped a couple of freestyles this year —”twoAM” — and made appearances on tracks like Rihanna’s “Consideration” and Felix Snow’sLies,” SZA has yet to drop any new music of her own.

Her frustrations in this two year musical gap are completely understandable— especially since she’s been touring all over the world with the same music for the past two years. When asked in multiple interviews about her forthcoming album, she seems just as eager as the rest of us. in her latest interview with Essence, the “Babylon” singer stated that she had just been cleared the week before and it would drop “near my birthday.” SZA’s birthday is in November, but after yesterday’s now-deleted post it seems like it might not even drop then.

At this point, the fans are demanding more music and the artist deserves more.

Earlier this year, TDE released a tentative list of the projects that were scheduled to drop this year. According to the chart, SZA’s project was a 4th stage creative which lead many to believe it was almost complete. Despite the schedule dropping back in February, we still haven’t gotten her forthcoming album. Instead, we were gifted Schoolboy Q’sBlank Face LP, Kendrick’s untitled unmastered, and Isaiah Rashad’s The Son’s Tirade—all of which SZA is featured on hooks to their respective tracks.


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Just last week, we received a new track from Ab-Soul, who has also been on a two year hiatus since These Days…— which is more than what SZA has been allowed to drop this year.

By now, it’s common knowledge that a hook from the 25-year old can turn an “okay song” into a “damn good one,” but it seems like her label is running with that. If it’s so clear that SZA is musically talented, why not allow her to drop more music?

SZA’s “Hook Girl” curse reminds me of when it seemed as if TDE was trying to bring Jhene Aiko into the family. She was featured on every artist’s (except Jay Rock) tracks including “Growing Apart,” “Sex Drive,” “Terrorist Threats,” and “Fantasy.” The collaborations seemed to come to an end when Jhene signed with Def Jam in 2012. The last collaborations between the TDE artists and Aiko appeared on her 2013 EP, Sail Out. From there on, she’s gone onto drop Souled Out and her collaboration with Big Sean, Twenty88.

I’m not saying SZA should leave TDE, it’s clear she fits into the little sister role very well and is an important piece of the team’s musical chemistry. What I’m saying is: It’s about time they started using her platform more wisely. With songs like “Ice Moon,” “Green Mile,” and even her growth in songwriting which can be seen on “Consideration” and “Caretaker” it’s clear that SZA’s quality of music is far from the problem.

TDE has tried to push the “Hook Girl” narrative before and it didn’t workout in the label’s favor. It’s time that TDE listen to the fans and drops SZA’s damn album.

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