How “Luke Cage” Brings Creator Full Circle With The Wu-Tang Clan


The first time most fans heard Marvel’s Luke Cage he was accompanied by Ol’ Dirty Bastard. The classic “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” gave sonic punch to the first trailer for the Netflix series and confirmed the marriage between hip-hop and comics that was promised from inception.  More music from Staten Island’s finest is featured throughout the series, along with a cameo from Method Man. The crossover is not surprising considering that Marvel’s variant comic covers have featured more than a few Wu-Tang inspired variants, but it’s also a manifestation of the show’s creator Cheo Hodari Coker, who has a long history with the Clan going back to the early 1990s before they had signed their first record deal.

“I love the Wu-Tang Clan and I have the scars to prove it,” he says with a chuckle. “The first time I interviewed Wu-Tang was for ‘Rap Pages,’ and I almost got trampled. We were in the South Bronx at The Disco Fever and Ol’ Dirty Bastard got into an altercation up top. I was on the stairwell, shots were fired and The Disco Fever only has one exit. So I was trapped on the stairwell, people were trying to rush up and run down. I had all of this vinyl, first copies of the first Wu-Tang single in my backpack. This was before they were on Loud Records. All of a sudden all of these bodies were falling on top of me and the vinyl starts cracking in my backpack. I just thought I was gonna die. Being around Wu was always crazy.”

Watch as Cheo takes us down memory lane to the now infamous incident with Masta Killa that followed his first published feature on the group and how decisions he made in response helped forge relationships today.

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