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“Get Bigger” + 8 Other NxWorries Songs You Can Hear Now


Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge have been playing hardball as the duo NxWorries. I’ve already written about how much their music has moved me earlier this year, but here’s a quick refresher: NxWorries combines the soul-drenched beats of Knxwledge with the amorphous rapping/crooning of .Paak to create trunk knockers that defy categorization. Don’t believe me? Listen to this new song “Get Bigger/Do U Luv”

When they announced their long-awaited debut album Yes Lawd! last month, I was excited to finally wear out some songs other than “Link Up” and that Knxwledge remix of “Drugs.” But in the midst of my obsession, I realized that the boys had been seeding previews and performing full songs over a year before the release of this album. The album may not be out until October 21, but bits and pieces of it are floating around the internet already.

Suede/Lyk Dis

“Suede” was the moneymaker, the song that got .Paak in the room with Dr. Dre; and all it took was an expertly flipped Gil-Scott Herron sample and a Cutlass for it to stick. The video dropped in August of last year, but the end featured an audio clip bookended with VCR-quality visuals that would eventually turn out to be “Lyk Dis,” the “first” single from Yes Lawd!

Boiler Room Stay True Russia Live

The duo took a trip to Russia last year and ran through songs including  “Link Up,” “Droogs,” and “Get Bigger” before their respective releases last year and earlier today (October 6).

A N I M A L by Mass Appeal

Before .Paak’s 2016 album Malibu blew up this past January, he did a 5-part series with the good people at Mass Appeal called A N I M A L; one episode of which revolved around NxWorries. We’ve got clips of “Get Bigger” and “Link Up” here, but even more intriguing are a short bit of the sun-soaked track “Kutless” and a striking song about police brutality, sidepieces, and low weed count that might be aptly titled “Sidepiece,” if the track list is to be believed.

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