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D-Nice Captured Dave Chappelle’s Latest “Juke Joint” In Ohio


Dave Chappelle sightings are right up there with retro-Jordan drops and Talenti Gelato going on sale for events worth texting you friends about. Since leaving Comedy Central in 2005 he’s officially been the human Hailey’s Comet. So when you find out he held one of his surprise and exclusive “Juke Joint” parties in an Ohio barn and there is actual photographic evidence you wanna tell people.

DJ D-Nice shared some behind the scenes moments of the event on his Instagram page (which you should be following on GP) and we can’t wait for the video of this day to be made public.

1.) Photographic inception. D-Nice catches actor Bradley Cooper taking a selfie with Chappelle.

#BradleyCooper x #DaveChappelle selfie. #DaveChappellesJukeJoint day 1. #DNicePhotography

A photo posted by D-Nice (@djdnice) on

2. A seat at the table. This incredible shot captured Chappelle with an enviable table of talent; @bethannhardison x Bradley Cooper x @davidblaine x @jarobiwhite x @cblacksmith x Gail King x @ciphasounds.

3. Cuttin Up. The original Ashy Larry, comedian Donelle Rawlings was cheffing in the kitchen.

4. Abstract Convo: Q-Tip and Bradley Cooper maybe talking about when that Tribe album will finally be released?

5. Tribal: Jarobi and Q-Tip take the stage at the Juke Joint.

6. I Got Soul: The host for the evening leads a Soul Train line. We cannot wait until this “Juke Joint” airs.


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