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Rhymefest Lead a Vigil in Honor of Victims of Gun Violence


Back in August, Rhymefest was mugged at gunpoint in Chicago while writing rhymes in his car. When the MC went to report the crime he was seemingly ignored by CPD. Instead of the police taking his report immediately, one officer continued playing Candy Crush while another chastised his traumatic experience which lead Rhymefest to begin recording. In the video that quickly went viral, Che Smith can be heard saying “I can’t make a report of me being robbed?” After dealing with some unnecessary back and forth, he able to give details of the incident from the morning.

In an attempt to end the normalization of improper police and community relations and gun violence in Chicago, Rhymefest held a vigil on Sunday at Lincoln Park Presbyterian Church. Though the church is not located in an area that is directly effected by gun violence, according to the Grammy award winning rapper the location proves that the violence that is taking place in Chicago effects everyone.

The “Brand New” rapper stopped by Chicago’s Windy City LIVE, to speak about the event. “What’s great about this church on the north side—I mean, these are more affluent parishioners—and what’s great about it is, we have too many walls in Chicago and not enough bridges. It’s time that we start being solution based in areas other than just the south and west sides of Chicago, because all of Chicago is suffering from trauma. We’re not working as one Chicago.”

Rhymefest is also working on a Truth and Reconciliation series. The series will take place in five cities and will consist of therapy sessions to change the interactions between police and members of the community. It’s great to see Rhymefest being the change in his community, that he wishes to see.

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