Thelonious Martin Tunes Into ‘Late Night Programming’ With “Infomercial”

Thelonious Martin Infomercial

Like many many people in our age group, producer Thelonious Martin loves late night TV. His world was one where Dilla and Madlib’s experimental break beats and Master Shake screeches echoed off the walls, a world that he and RuffMercy brought to life in their video for “Infomercial.”

The SAVEMONEY producer uses male pattern baldness infomercials as a bed to create one of the sickest head knockers I’ve heard in a while. It shouldn’t be surprising coming from the same guy who gave us Wunderkid.

Out with the old, in with the new because his latest project Late Night Programming is out on October 21. Go prep yourself for the goodness and listen to the new cut above.

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