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Evidently, Rappers Really Love Grey Poupon Mustard [VIDEO]

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In another one of their brilliantly exhaustive video breakdowns, VOX has noted and charted every time an MC has made a reference to the aspirational condiment Grey Poupon in a song and it’s kind of bananas.

In the 1980’s the ads for the mustard featuring a rich person in a limo asking to “pass the grey poupon” became a ubiquitous reference for wealth, which rappers love.  They then note the first time the mustard is mentioned, on Das EFX’s “East Coast” in 1992, and graphs the usage all the way up to Kanye’s 2016 Grey Poupon reference on “Facts” from Life Of Pablo.

grey poupon chart

Rapper Open Mike Eagle speaks to the user-friendliness of the word, noting that it rhymes with a lot of things like coupon, neutron and futon.

grey poupon rhymes


But why has the practice persisted for two decades? Jim Jones, Nelly and Lil Wayne can share the blame with Kanye. Watch as they explore rap’s obsession with the fanciest mustard, Grey Poupon.

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