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Danny Brown Is A Puppet Of The War On Drugs In “Pneumonia” Video

Danny Brown Pneumonia

Danny Brown has never been shy about his relationship with drugs and depression, but his lurid new album Atrocity Exhibition is a next level confessional. It still gets lots of burn around here, but the Evian Christ-produced ear worm “Pneumonia” was always a standout from the jump. The clang of the beat and Brown’s story of besting the system and *still* popping pills is a vivid peek at his swirling mind eerily similar to his story from 2013’s “Wonderbread”:

“Momma found some racks in some dirty jeans/Told her keep the money, take ’em to the cleaners/Threesome watched how this dick came between them/Licked the clit and she did the Macarena/Crib in the forest, deer in my yard/’07, I got locked up on a charge/Now a nigga got four bank cards/Looking like a nigga gotta thank God”

“Geeked up, geeked up, pop a pill just like Mike and Ikes/Head sent me straight to the moon with a mac tonight/Running low on alcohol, nigga gotta make a call/Stay afloat, try not to choke”

The video for “Pneumonia,” which just dropped this morning (October 13) via Thrasher, amplifies that paranoia with Danny made into a puppet by chains; dragged, hung, and dropped at a moment’s notice while images of former presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush flash in the background. He even addresses the masses himself as a suit on a fuzzy TV screen.

The paranoia and hanging influence of The War On Drugs is put on full blast in this video, which you can check out above.

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