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Kehlani & Little Simz Bring Skill, Heart, And Honesty To The “Table”

Kehlani Little Simz Table

Kehlani and Little Simz may not seem a likely pairing, but after listening to their new single “Table,” it makes all the sense in the world. Both are lyricists who are as confident in laying out their issues as they are in continuing to surpass them.

Lines like Kehlani’s “I know I’m not no messiah and I’m far from a prophet/But if the Earth set on fire, I think I’d know how to stop it” and Simz’s “” show that while they’re not perfect, they know exactly what they’re bringing to the relationship. Well, besides crazy flow.

The beat, a spacious synth banger by DJ Dahi, Jahaan Sweet, and DJ Relly Rell, gives both Kehlani and Simz room to breathe when they’re not hopping off of the kick drums. This is a hell of a good track that you should dig into right now

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