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Azealia Banks States That RZA Is The One Being Cut Out of Music Deal

Azealia Banks

Update 10/21/16: Azealia Banks has taken to Facebook to respond to RZA’s claims. In multiple posts, Banks claims that Russell Crowe was making fun of her videos and couldn’t handle it when she called him “old and fat.” She also claims that her record deal is still on, but it’s RZA who is cut out of it.

The 25- year old states she will still move forward with pressing charges against Crowe.

Read her full response below:

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RZA has taken to Facebook to respond to Azealia Bank’s claims. According to the post, Azealia was never officially signed to his label. The WuTang lyricist also went onto state that Banks tried to physically attack another guest at Crowe’s party.

Read RZA’s full length post below:

Update: According to TMZ, Azealia Banks has allegedly ended her music deal with RZA over the dispute with Russell Crowe. A rep for RZA’s label called the Harlem rapper to close out on the deal that’s been in the works for weeks. Hurt that RZA didn’t defend her when she claimed Crowe spit and choked her, Banks completely ended the deal over the phone.

Though there hasn’t been any footage leaked from the conflicting story, Banks has filed a battery report with the Beverly Hills Police Department. The 25-year old took to Instagram to thank fans for their support. Azealia also claims that this ordeal will be the last time she’s in the news for something negative. We hope so too.

Azealia Banks— who is known more for antics instead of her actually dope music— is wilding yet again. Over the weekend, the “212” singer, who recently signed to RZA’s record label, was thrown out of Russell Crowe’s hotel room.

According to TMZ, the Harlem native was invited as RZA’s guest to a dinner party thrown by Russell in Beverley Hills. Guests stated that as Crowe began to play music, Banks became belligerent, laughing and referring to Russell and his guests as “boring white men.” She then allegedly picked up a glass and began to rant about cutting guests.  “You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino s***.”  As the Slay Z rapper attempted to pick up the glass and throw it, Crowe threw her out of the room and called security.

In a now deleted Facebook post, Azealia Banks gave details on her side of the story in which Russell threw a slew of n-word filled rants at her, spat and choked her. According to Banks, she has “receipts” on what really happened in the room.

This dispute between Azealia Banks and Russell Crowe may jeopardize her new contract with RZA, who is friends with Crowe. After a year filled with fights and Twitter rants directed towards Zayn Malik, Wale, Skai Jackson, hopefully Azealia gets the help that she needs.

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