Troy Ave Is Facing Financial Troubles Due to Bail Conditions

attends Wrkng Title Fall 2014 press event at Manon on April 8, 2014 in New York City.

Update: Troy Ave is reportedly facing financially trouble since being released from Rikers Island. According to his bail conditions, the Brooklyn rapper has been banned from performing at any bars, concert halls, or any venues. Troy’s lawyer, John Stella claims that he is missing out on opportunity to make money because he cannot tour or leave the state of NY.

Troy Ave, whose real name is Roland Collins, will not be able to see if the judge will lift the conditions of his bail until November 4th. Hopefully, Troy’s financial struggles won’t affect his mother’s home— which he posted as collateral.

According to The Daily News, Troy Ave has been freed from Rikers Island today after posting $500,000 bond. The Brooklyn rapper is required to wear an ankle monitor and not allowed to travel outside of New York City or hold any performances of any kind.

While in prison, Troy started an athletic scholarship at his former high school to honor his bodyguard and friend, Ronald “Edgar” McPhatter.

Though he’s out on bail, the “Doo Doo” rapper is still not cleared from the murder charges. ADA Joshua Steinglass stated “What is clear is that the investigation from the outset has been hampered by the defendant who not only fired and removed the weapon from the crime scene, he refused to help in any way [to identify] who killed McPhatter.”

Only time will tell what’s going to happen with this case.

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