“Atlanta” Recap: 3 Of The Best Moments From “The Club”

ATLANTA -- "The Club" -- Episode 8 (Airs Tuesday, October 18, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: (l-r) Lucius Baston as Chris, Donald Glover as Earnest Marks. CR: Quantrell D. Colbert/FX

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How long can you dance at the club before your legs start to hurt? How many times can you get curved by bartenders before you completely give up on bottle service? How many times can you not have the right colored wristband to get yourself *back* into VIP? This week’s episode of “Atlanta” was a return to street-level stories from earlier in the season after the hard-edged satire from last week’s “B.A.N.”

Even after a shouting match with a TV host, Alfred/Paper Boi’s rep has made little progress. Earn gets Paper Boi his own VIP section at the Primal club, but the two have to deal with shady promotors, indifferent fans, trifling bouncers, and another shooting(!!!!), all while tryna get their money and leave. Step into “The Club.”

“I don’t trust niggas in the club, man”

Paper Boi’s night in the VIP doesn’t start out great. Barely anyone cares when the house DJ announces he’s there (a Future wannabe named Marcus Miles is stealing all his spotlight) and people are already stealing bottles. By the time a fan shows up and unnervingly raps an entire Paper Boi verse, the ice had already cracked and broke beneath everyone’s feet. As the night goes on, he eventually hits it off with an Instagram model and falls into the same hole that every other entitled dude does. She says she has a boyfriend, but that “I’ll forreal peep your music on Soundcloud,” which should be enough, but even a rapper as small-time as Paper Boi feels like he’s “owed” something.

“I hate shots”

Earn’s odyssey involves tracking down Primal’s promoter Chris, who owes him and Paper Boi $5,000. He proves to be slippery as Earn chases him from the dance floor to the bathroom to the bar before he disappears behind the secret reversing wall to his office. After some shots (which he hates) and an enlightening bit of philosophy from a barista, Earn executes what might be the most pathetic shakedown in the history of shakedowns. What else do you call puking on your shoes before asking for your money?

“That boy’s gonna be a star”

Both feeling insecure and dejected, Earn and Alfred meet in the middle and use Alfred’s muscle to get their money. Ever seen someone get slapped across the face with a stack of money?

After ditching the parking lot following yet another shooting (and Marcus Miles takes off in his invisible car), Earn and Alfred meet Darius – who left the club for some Zoo Tycoon after the bouncer wouldn’t let him back into VIP – at a diner, where they find out that Alfred is a wanted man.


– Still no closure on what’s happened with Van since she lost her job at the school. Provided the cops don’t take it, will she and Earn be splitting some of that money?

– Darius is eating a box of cereal that might be from the same company as last week’s Coconut Crunch-Os. Will “Atlanta” go all New Day on us and sell them in stores?

– Marcus Miles and Future existing in the same universe is a laugh and a half.


Since this episode took place in a club, there’s naturally a glut of new songs to check for on the playlist. Check the songs and then go listen to them below:

Future – Real Sisters

Young Dro – We In Da City

Steve G. Lover III – Spray

Crime Mob – Knuck If You Buck

Dreezy – Body

Young Thug & Migos – Bitches Gone Tell

Jeremih – Impatient

Baby Huey – Hard Times

Major Lazer – Vegan Vampire

Little Beaver – I Can Dig It Baby

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