Netflix Has Made $2.1 Billion From The Popularity of “Narcos” and “Stranger Things”


Update: Netflix has made a whopping $2.15 billion USD in revenue this year. The streaming company’s revenue has jumped up to 36 percent since last year and gained 3.6 million new subscribers. According to Netflix, the bump in new subscribers came from the popularity of its original content, specifically Stranger Things and Narcos season two.


Marvel’s hit show “Luke Cage” earned so much attention when it premiered on Netflix that the streaming site’s servers crashed for a moment. While Netflix does not release viewership numbers, an enterprising independent auditor called SymphonyAM has been tracking viewership for the most popular shows and movies on the service. The nascent app listens to sounds from users’ televisions to determine viewership. Netflix reps have called Symphony’s numbers inaccurate, but have not countered with stats of their own because it doesn’t fit their subscription based business model.

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According to data captured from Symphony’s over 20,000 users, the most watched show on Netflix is season 1 of  “Fuller House” with “Orange Is The New Black,”(season 4)  “Marvel’s Daredevil,”(season 2) “Stranger Things” and “Marvel’s Luke Cage” rounding out the top 5.

A separate data company called 7Park had “Orange Is The New Black” topping their rankings in September. A consensus may never be reached on Netflix viewership but as more companies enter this space to capture and report user data (which is a very profitable business) a composite “credit score” of Netflix ratings may one day be achieved.

All things being equal this achievement is impressive. “Luke Cage,” starring Mike Colter as the bulletproof hero who isn’t yet for hire, only premiered on September 30th and has almost half the viewership of “Fuller House,” which dropped in February.


Netflix has been busy promoting another Marvel project, the upcoming “Iron Fist” series, which premieres in March. This will lead into a “Defenders” series, which will align Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist in a star-stacked extravaganza. The iconic Sigourney Weaver has been tapped to play the villain in that series. As of right now there has been no announcement of a season 2 for “Luke Cage.”



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