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Listen To Eminem’s 7-Minute “Campaign Speech”

Eminem has very interesting timing. A few days after his 44th birthday and on the eve of the third and final Presidential debate of 2016 the voracious and controversial lyricist tweeted out a new song called “Campaign Speech.”

Evidently this 7:47 blitzkrieg is a prelude to an upcoming album. Mathers launches into the minimal track like a hip-hop anti-hero, folding his breathless tirade into layers of fucks that he has long stopped giving. It’s a tiramisu of turrets that would make Deadpool blush. We can’t imagine that this is any kind of bid for public office, rather a campaign to offer a proper soundtrack to the mind-bending fuckery of 2016.  The lyrical exercise includes a fantasy scenario of leaving George Zimmerman’s chest cavity on the steps of Trayvon Martin’s father and calling Donald Trump a loose cannon.

So what would he do if he were elected?

If I was president, gettin off is the the first order of business once I get in office/second thing that’ll make me happy is walking up to Uncle Sam naked laughing/ dick cupped in hand, screaming fuck safe sex/ throw a latex and a AIDS test at him/ tell Congress I run this land and I want the rubber banned/ and make it snappy

Yeah, it’s that kind of political party. Listen to “Campaign Speech” above.

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