RZA Introduces 36 Chambers Clothing Line


In the 1990s the Wu-Tang clan spun their ubiquitous logo into a popular and profitable clothing brand called Wu-Wear. Decades later artists like Kanye West have become just as well known for their fashion aspirations as their music. So it only seems right that RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan would reestablish his connection to the fashion world with a new line.

RZA has teamed up with creative Mustafa Shaikh to launch 36 Chambers, a contemporary menswear line that fuses elements of hip-hop, Chinese culture and high fashion to carve its own niche within menswear. The line was unveiled today, Wednesday, October 19th.

“36 Chambers is inspired by the Wu philosophy: kung fu, mathematics, Eastern philosophy and art,” said RZA. “Using that as a foundation, we’ve blended together the rugged feel of streetwear, with the quality craftsmanship of high fashion, to create apparel with a classic look.”

The initial collection features the Golden Dragon, which symbolizes energy, wisdom and strength. The dragon design is featured in a custom woven jacquard fabric created by San Francisco-based designer, Chapin Atchison. The fabric is found on the liners of the jackets, bags, and on the collars and plackets of select shirts. Renowned Chinese calligrapher, Mak Ming Chan, penned a poem for the collection, which details the story of the Golden Dragon. Written in Chinese calligraphy, the poem is featured on the hangtag that adorns the jackets, bags and shirts.

Check out some of the items from the look book below and

rza-36-chambers-1 rza-36-chambers-2 rza-36-chambers-3

Roots Picnic October 1st & 2nd, 2016 at Bryant Park NY

Roots Picnic October 1st & 2nd, 2016 at Bryant Park NY

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