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Injury Reserve Are Ready To Blow “All This Money”

Injury Reserve All This Money

If you don’t know much about Arizona trio Injury Reserve, you should change that. Since their excellent debut Live From The Dentist Office, the trio has been building up to the release of their next project Floss with an infuriatingly slow drip of music, including the first single “Oh Shit.” Late last night (October 20), we got yet another monty taste of what’s to come in the form of “All This Money.”

Directed by member Parker Corey, the video features female dopplegangers of Corey and members Ritchie with a T and Steppa J. Groggs blowing some money. It’s a fun and cathartic video that flips the script on “hyper-masculine ass n*ggas”:


The group has always been about breaking down pre-conceived notions. The two songs they’ve released already are a far cry from the more boom bap inspired sound of Dentist Office, and they promise that Floss will be a step away from that space. So what are you waiting for? Check the video out and get ready for Floss season.

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