Fans React To Death On “The Walking Dead” [SPOILERS]


“The Walking Dead” season 7 premiere finally gave fans the answers they sought from the season 6 finale.  After being captured by the Saviors, Rick and his family are at their mercy, waiting to see who will be the victim of Negan’s barbed-wire bat, Lucille.


After some flashbacks and procrastination it is finally revealed that Abraham is bashed in the skull by Negan, causing Daryl to lunge at him and land a punch before being tackled. Negan reminds the group of his promise, that if anyone reacted, there would be consequences.

So he turns to back to the group and splits Glen’s head open, watching him twitch as his eyeball pops from the socket. Negan lands punches with the bat and his mouth, joking the entire time that Lucille was a bloody, thirsty vampire bat.

After teasing Glen’s death in the season six, fans thought that he might escape his fate from the comic books, but it was not to be.

As expected, fans didn’t take the deaths well:

Some checked out from the show all together…

Others wanted some comfort

Some left this world…

Some managed to laugh through the pain:


But this may be the most accurate depiction of how show fans feel:



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