Skyzoo & Apollo Brown Debate Jordans, Remember Their First Sneakers

Skyzoo & Apollo Brown just released the video to “Jordans & A Gold Chain,” the second single from their joint album The Easy Truth. The nostalgic clip finds Sky reflecting on the aspirations of a young Brooklynite and how things haven’t changed very much from when he was a kid.  For the video, directed by Diego Cruz, they head down to Calvan Fowler’s “Jordan Heads” shop in Brooklyn to capture the visuals.

While at the WatchLOUD offices we spoke with Apollo Brown and Sky about some of their favorite sneaker memories, including what their first significant pair of kicks were. One overzealous fan tried to unlace Skyzoo’s Jordans during a show, which lead to them going back and forth about which Jordan’s were the best. “The 5’s are the worst,” Apollo insists, but Sky wasn’t hearing it.

Sky also admits that he blundered as a kid when his young, fashion-forward, father bought him son coveted Nikes.

“My Pops got me these Huaraches from King’s Sneakers in Flatbush and I was maybe nine or ten years old. And I hated them,” he says. “They was amazin’, but I was an idiot because I was 9 years old. I probably wanted some Filas to get attention from the Puerto Rican chicks in school. I was mad but I didn’t appreciate it at the time. I’d kill for them now.”

Watch the full interview above and the video to “Jordans & A Gold Chain” below:

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