Royce 5′ 9″s “Part Of Me” Belongs In Hip-Hop Horror Hall of Fame


In 2009 Royce 5’9″‘s video to “Part of Me” joined a very short list of visuals that I lost sleep over. The first was Seven. I was in college when I saw that and just the sight of cardboard boxes on the ground makes me do double takes to this day. It was what they didn’t show–the psychic violence that your mind filled in–that messed me up the most. The other movie I don’t even remember right now. That’s how short the list is. But in his Rik Cordero directed clip from his album Street Hop Royce brought to bear the worst fear of any man who has done a woman dirty. Like Seven, there was a karmic debt to be paid for your sins.

The old saying is that fear is “False Evidence Appearing Real” and it was the blank spaces created in my mind that made “Part of Me” so disturbing. The clip starts out with our host and narrator Royce 5′ 9″ doing his best impersonation of Rod Sterling from “The Twilight Zone.”



A wanna-be player is looking like an extra from Belly as he is saddled up to the bar at  “Status Lounge” in Detroit…


The hook lays out the all too familiar scenario of boy meets girl, then boy meats girl, then boy gets amnesia and she is left..wanting.

Last night we had a one night stand
But when I woke up in the mornin I missed you

You see, all I’m sayin is can I see you again?
Cause when you left you took a part of me with you
A part of me with you…




“Him, he was like a typical thug
Hat and glasses, he had to bag the baddest bitch at the club…”

It’s a typical night in the bar for our player. He’s chatting up sweetheart and making small talk knowing that he has one goal in mind. It doesn’t even occur to him that she might already know who he is.


And then the party gets really interesting when a second girl shows up. He thinks this is about to be the easiest threesome ever, but he’s not paying attention to homegirl Rick Rossin’ his drink.



By now  I’ve got Tupac’s  lyrics from “I Get Around” screaming in my head: “Honey I don’t want if it’s that easy!” But nobody heeds the lessons of Pac anymore. He keeps drinking–they don’t–but he doesn’t think anything is wrong, right?

One cues two then, says “Where yo’ ride at?”
He says “Hey, I let valet decide that”
They laughed, they leave, he says “Mami drive that
I’m tired or I’m high, I just wanna lie back”


Fam, you are straight Weekend At Bernie’s right now leaving the bar. I’m shaking my computer and yelling “Bitch, get out the room! Bitch, get out the room!” Nothing good comes from being too drunk to drive. Didn’t he see The 40 Year Old Virgin??

They get to the hotel, they get on the elevator
He ain’t feelin so well like “Fuck it, I’ll get better later”
They get in the room and start takin off they clothes
Dude steppin out his shoes while he checkin out the hoes


Mission accomplished, right? You’ve got these two women you just met doing every nasty, freaky thing they can think of. Sure, you can barely keep your eyes open but what does it matter. You got your dick wet…
Number one suckin on his dick usin both hands
Both hoes dressed like nurses, I guess they role playin

This where shit goes left. Way left. Homeboy has the night of his life but wakes up in a bathtub covered in ice. Now the “urban legend” line is playing back in my head and I think of the old “steal your kidney” ploy. The song is called “Part Of Me,” and those two honeys were dressed like nurses. Shit, somebody got operated on…

Now this next part is what really messed me up. If you’ve got the stomach–or the balls– to see the conclusion go to the next page…

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