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Vic Spencer Eulogizes Himself In The “Vic Spencer Is Dead” Video

Vic Spencer Is Dead

Vic Spencer isn’t here to be liked, but even he won’t be here forever. His bars have been potent and crass since he first dropped Vic Magorium’s Hip-Hop Emporium back in 2009 and his forward momentum has brought positives (co-signs from Chris Crack the late Sean Price) and negatives (beef with Mick Jenkins) along the way.

But all that won’t stop death from knocking on the door. His sixth studio album St. Gregory is dropping next week (November 11), and what better way to usher in the new than with a eulogy? Part autobiography and part post-mortem, “Vic Spencer Is Dead” is a quick fire airing of grievances over Denmark Vessey‘s bass heavy production. It couldn’t be more fitting in a year where music legends are passing away left and right, but Vic’s also just plain over the disrespect.

“While everyone was in one spot, he migrated/He was so original, other niggas pirated/Started biting his wave, but never lovin’ his raps.”

The video, directed by HolidayKirk, is a saturated tumble through a fisheye lens that perfectly mirrors the wonky boom of the whole song. Vic Spencer might not be a nice guy, but he’s a nice emcee.

St. Gregory boasts features from Guilty Simpson, Freddie Old Soul, E.C Illa, Hus Kingpin, and more with production from Vessey and Quelle Chris, among others. Check the video above.

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