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Lil Wayne’s Confusing Stance On Black Lives Matter Is Hurting My Brain

Lil Wayne Black Lives Matter

UPDATE: Weezy backtracked a bit and apologized for his comments earlier this morning. What’s going on here? 

Let’s face it; Lil Wayne‘s interview with ABC’s Nightline last night was kind of a disaster. His talk with Lindsy Davis covered his stint in prison and love for skateboarding, but ran over a few massive potholes when the topic switched to Black Lives Matter. Davis brought up an earlier interview Weezy had with Fox Sports where he said that “there’s no such thing as racism” because the majority of his fans are white. He didn’t even seem to know what she was talking about.

“It just sounds weird that you put a name on it,” he said. “It’s not a name; it’s not whatever whatever. It’s a person getting shot by a policeman for a fucked up reason.” Weezy moved on to say that he flat out doesn’t “feel connected to a damn thing that doesn’t have to do with me” before whipping out a red bandana and saying he feels connected to being a “gangbanger.”

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Some are chalking Weezy’s stance up to a brain drowned in lean. Some think his money has shut him off from the real world. But the truth is, it’s hard to know what to think when there’s yet another video clip of Weezy chanting Black Lives Matter with a crowd at Lil Weezyana Fest back in August.

Wayne is hopped up on Black Lives Matter at this show, but he seemed to genuinely mean it when he called the movement “dumb shit” on Nightline, so it’s hard to judge exactly what hill he’s looking to die on here. Most artists shouldn’t feel obligated to speak on social issues that they don’t know about, but Wayne should at least have the common sense to not shit on a movement with the sole intent of helping people who look like him. Your money doesn’t stop white fans from shouting “nigga” at your shows, my dude.


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