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Chance the Rapper And Chance the Wrapper Meet Again in New Kit Kat Commercial


Update: Kit Kat has dropped an alternate version of its popular Chance the Rapper commercial. In this clip, Chance and his family walk past the singing Chance the Wrapper. Both decked out in his signature ‘3’ hat, the candy whispers “We’re both Chance the Rapper, get it?” To which the “No Problems” rapper responds “No, I get it.”

The Chicago native is taking his talents into the acting world. The 23-year old will be playing a delivery boy turned werewolf in the 2017 thriller, Slice.

Watch Channo and Chance the Wrapper meet again in the new commercial below:

Chance the Rapper is having the best year ever. After performing this weekend at The Meadows Festival and bringing some #BlackBoyJoy to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Chano has dropped a new jingle for Kit Kat’s latest commercial.

In the short clip, Chance is dressed as Carlos the Lion and runs into Chance the Wrapper. He keeps the lyrics to the classic candied jingle, but puts his own spin on it.

Watch Chance take a Kit Kat Break below:

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