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Hennessy Has No Connection To Unauthorized “Headphanie” Bottles


In the latest case of culture vultures hopping on a wave, a company out of Florida has re-wrapped Hennessy bottles with a popular lyric from Brooklyn MC Young MA’s hit record, “Ooouuu.” The song starts out with her talking bout her having drank too much of the popular cognac and on the song actually she raps, “Every time I’m out, why she stressing me?/You call her Stephanie? I call her Headphanie.”  Her Instagram name is also HennynHoes, so her affinity for the liquor is well documented.

So it struck many as odd when a company called The Lilac Company began promoting a pop up shop in Florida with “limited edition” Hennessy bottles and related merch. The bottles were wrapped with a lavender label that said “Headphanie” with signage that said “Lilac Company and Hennessy Present.”

Fans of Young MA Tweeted to the company asking if she was being compensated for the use of her phrase and they shot back in a Tweet:  “Stop saying we’re tryna capitalize off @YoungMAMusic – this was an art idea, and that’s all it is. We’re in talks with her manager. And y’all are crazy thinking we’re banking off this. The liquor stores selling it not us.”

However, they were selling T-Shirts with the “headphanie” bottle on it as well as a T-Shirt and liquor bottle combo, which is now sold out.

headphanie1 headphanie2

While Hennessy does produce and distribute limited edition bottles designed by artists like Shepard Fairey, this is not one of them.

“Hennessy has no association with Lilac Company and has not provided authorization for this promotion,” they wrote in a statement sent to WatchLOUD.com.

So not only did the Lilac Company swagger jack Young MA, they infringed on the trademark of one of the most popular liquors in the world.  If you want some legit “Headphanie” merch Young MA is selling her own crewneck on her website shopyoungma.com.


Available @ shopyoungma.com #ooouuu #youngma #redlyfe #headphanie

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