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That New Childish Gambino Album Might Be Coming In December

Childish Gambino new album

Tuesday Atlanta withdrawal is bound to set in tomorrow for fans of Donald Glover‘s massively popular show. Glover is well-versed in the internet and has always been a few steps ahead of fans, and a Reddit thread may have just revealed the coda he’s got planned for the end of the year.

A new Childish Gambino album called Awaken, My Love is apparently set to drop on December 2, according to both an FYE chalkboard and an Amazon Music preorder. Fans lucky enough to get to his Pharos Music Festival in Joshua Tree, CA earlier this year were already treated to some joints from the allegedly R&B-flavored album.

Childish Gambino new album

If this is true, Gambino couldn’t be dropping music at a better time. Atlanta coaxed him back into the public eye on the level of his last album Because The Internet; not to mention recently snagging the role of Lando Calrissian in a future Star Wars movie and recently welcoming his first child into the world. A new album would be just the thing to push him even further than Cloud 9.

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