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Martin Shkreli Really Leaked Wu-Tang Songs After Trump’s Win Last Night

martin shkreli wu-tang

The results of last night’s presidential election are shaking America to its core yet again, and opportunists are already trying to cash in. Remember Martin Shkreli, the guy who jacked up prices on AIDs medication and purchased the super secret Wu-Tang Clan album for a cool $2 million? He said that if Donald Trump won the presidency (which he did), he’d start leaking songs from the album.

And last night, he kept his promise.

Shkreli leaked what sounds like an intro and a song called “Rivals” before letting viewers know that he’d have to negotiate with The Wu about releasing the entire album. He also claims to have unreleased music from The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Radiohead, Brand New, Elliott Smith, The Ramones, and The Smiths. He’s clearly thriving off of the attention of being America’s second most hated super villain, so make sure to watch these videos instead of seeking out the stream. Check out the very low quality 56-second clip of “Rivals” below.

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