Issa Rae’s ‘Insecure’ Ends Broken (And Divisive) As F*CK

Insecure season finale


Wow. Just…wow.

The inaugural season of Issa Rae‘s new dramedy Insecure has been an emotional shell game this entire time. I thought I had this show figured out when I first started watching, but what started off with Issa and her guy Lawrence (Jay Ellis) trying to fix some minor imperfections and just keep themselves professionally fulfilled turned into a bridge-burning session that set everyone’s feelings on fire last night.

Newly glo’d up Lawrence put two and two together about Issa’s infidelity at the end of last week’s episode “Guilty As F*ck,” and “Broken as F*ck” starts on day three of that romantic fallout. Strung out on the couch, Issa’s been calling Lawrence nonstop and eventually tries to bring an overnight bag to his new tech job, but he’s had enough. “Stop fucking calling me;” each word is a barb in Issa’s heart.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Issa’s relationship with best friend Molly (Yvonne Orji) is in its own rough patch after they tore into each other’s lives and relationships last week…just in time for their friend-cation and Kelli’s birthday.

Insecure season finale Molly

The tension is thick enough to squash backseat dance sessions on the way to their vacay house. Meanwhile, Lawrence is at his boy’s place, hurt but contemplative. But even “hurt, but contemplative” can lead a scorned lover down some dark roads.

Pretty much everyone can agree that Issa’s tryst with “what-if guy” Daniel in the recording studio was a *big* mistake, but Lawrence went out of his way to drop a proper burn on his old relationship. Near the end of their friend-cation, he calls Issa, who tells him that the apartment is empty if he wants to go back; a sneaky attempt to corner him and talk in the apartment like he wanted to in that Walgreens at the beginning of the season, but Lawrence is feeling petty. He drops a tempting “I miss you” at the end of their conversation, which spurs Issa and Molly, who managed to patch things up, to take the trip back to her apartment and try to fix things. However, when Issa gets back, Lawrence has cleared all his thing out (he even took “his” pillow from the bed) except for his Best Buy employee shirt; all the reminder Issa needs of his efforts and all the proof we need to know that he’s giving strokes to Tasha the bank-teller.

Whether you predicted that ending or not, it’s a devastating coda to the season. Issa came too little too late to fix what she’d broken, but was Lawrence right to get with Tasha? An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, but how sweet does the knife have to smell before you pluck the eyeball out? Lawrence is homeless at the moment, so unless he finds some real happiness with Tasha, things are gonna go south again real quick. Even so, #LawrenceHive got its vindication last night:

Like Donald Glover‘s Atlanta before it, Issa Rae’s Insecure played its season finale real instead of safe; small personal victories paling in comparison to being trapped in the shitty bed that you made and now have to lay in. Props to Issa Rae for ripping my heart out.

Check out some fan reactions and the playlist for “Broken as F*ck” below.

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