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J-Live’s Scathing “Eleven Nine” Is An Election Hangover Remedy


J-Live continues his musical mission to combat the dumbing down of America one beat at a time with a new series of self-produced mixtapes. After speaking at length on the circumstances and aftermath of 9/11, he takes us back to school on the expository “Eleven Nine.” Penned in the hours after the 2016 presidential election, to call the song timely would be a grave understatement. But Jay is not mired in the moment, reminding us that our government has been engaged in suspect behavior long before the election of Annoying Orange.

The Fed Reserve’s the right to remain silent Hand
Sell me your guns and call me a violent man
That ain’t god that’s old money laughing at your plans
Not the root of all evil, but soylent Green is…Look!
We just wanna feed the people, flee The prisons fix the problems fight the power
Flood the pool with abundance.
You killing us with Kindness and redundance via pundits
Education still underfunded.
We watch Money going up in smoke. Predator drones poke Holes in your constitution.
We are at wars. How many we get Congress approval for?

“Eleven Nine” is the opening salvo from the mixtape “At The Date of This Writing,” dropping on December 12th via Bandcamp. You can pre-order it HERE. It is his latest full release since his 2015 projects How Much Is Water? and His Own Self.

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