Geechi Suede Talks New Album & Finding Lost Camp Lo Demos

We’ve already established that Camp Lo always seem to be in a constant state of departure while always arriving. Ahead of their time but always of the moment. It’s a neat trick but a frustrating existence as well. Usually content to color outside of the lines with broad lyrical flourishes, founding member Geechi Suede allows himself to vent with the precision of a red Sharpie on his solo project 0.9 NyteLifeFM, out now on Nature Sounds Records. On the first single “Phone Check” the twenty-year vet beats his chest as he raps, “Thank me now for your style, you a diamond crook child” and uses “Sound of View”  to cast off labels like an angry runway model: “This ain’t old school, this is just soulful soul food, so controlling your mood with a different sound of view/ I gotta dumb it down and water it to the max/ so n*ggas can understand what I’m defecating on wax…

“People always said we were ahead of our time, but twenty years later it’s ‘old school.’ That always confused me,” he tells WatchLOUD. “Which one is it? Is it head of its time or is it old school? Because even now folks can’t catch things we said twenty years ago.”

Probably the best example of their timeless aesthetic is the recently released song and video, “Piece Of The Action,” which is actually a precursor to their 1997 debut Uptown Saturday Night, but sounds like they could have recorded it yesterday.

“It was off the demo that got us signed to our first deal but didn’t make [the album],” he reveals. “There was a whole album before USN that never came out. The A&R that signed us hit up Ski Beatz and said ‘Look at what I found’ and it was old tapes of the demo. We was like ‘What?’ So we decided for the 20th anniversary that was gonna be our gift to everybody. We didn’t even know it was around anymore.”

They had the songs remixed and mastered for the celebratory collection On The Way Uptown: The Demos,  which will be released in January of 2017.

“It’s trippy too because it takes me back to a really good place when we were just trying to get out there, not thinking about whatever style of music was out at the time. We just created our own world.”

Cop Geechi Suede’s 09.NyteLifeFM here.

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