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NEW VIDEO: De La Soul “Memory Of…(US)” ft. Estelle & Pete Rock

Fresh off of their 2016 Grammy Nomination for best Rap album De La Soul has released the first video from their album And The Anonymous Nobody, “Memory Of…Us.” The reflective tune features Pete Rock and singer Estelle, who brought the song (which originally contained a sample) to De La Soul before having it replayed and recorded for their album. Both Estelle and Pete make cameos in the video, which is set on a wedding day as the bride thinks back on the imperfect men that lead her to the one she is about to marry. Plugs 1, 2 and 3 appear to be the ghosts of boyfriends past determined to get her to the altar with Pete playing the narrator.

“This is like my first real production with De La Soul after all the years that I’ve known them,” Pete Rock told us in a recent interview. “But they’re self-made so I guess they heard something they really liked that I did and wanted to use it.”

“We thought it was such a great record, but I said this can’t work for a live project,” Pos says of the original recording. “But when I let Dave hear it he said ‘Nah this gotta go on this album. If Pete is cool with it we’ll replay it and insert verses.’” Producer and friend Dave West connected De La with Detroit producer Piranhahead who added a lush string arrangement.

“That song was amazing when we heard it raw as it was,” adds Dave. “But I appreciate that we can see further sometimes. Break things down and then rebuild them again.”

Watch the “Memory Of…Us” video above and Pete’s comments below.

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